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Marrakech : First Impressions

I am finally getting around to going through all the digital photos I’ve taken so far during my trip to Morocco and editing them so that I can share them with you. If you were following me on Instagram (@leighwebber), I am sorry for falling off the earth suddenly. Actually, it was my phone that fell off the earth and into the toilet.

But, that has allowed me to go one step back in the world of photography and technology and spend a little more time pruning and curating the images to share with you on the blog. These are my first impressions of Marrakech, from my first two days here and you may have seen some of these on Facebook as well. I still don’t know how to fully integrate all our means of social media. Does anyone?

Anyway, I’ll try to add comments to each image to give it a little context…

This is one of my favorite photos that I’ve taken so far. It is incredibly hard to take portraits of Moroccans as they do not like to have their photo taken. I think there’s a mix of cultural and religious reasons. For Muslims, it is forbidden to show any pride and they feel like posing for a photo breaks that rule.

So I did not ask to take this photo, for if they are not asked, they can not say no and it’s not as big of a moral quandary for them. Or so I am told.

I have always been drawn to the architecture and design of Morocco. You can see why! This is at Bahia Palace.

Oh, how I wish I spoke French! Everyone here speaks French or Berber (a dialect of Arabic)

This is looking down into the center of my hotel. Oranges abound and every morning starts with fresh squeezed orange juice.

Morocco really isn’t a country for vegetarians. It is a country for adventurous eaters. Escargot anyone?

The souks refer to the labyrinth of markets that sell everything from fresh produce to wedding dresses to picture frames made from tires.

As it is aid that you cannot judge a book by it’s cover, you can also not judge a building’s interior by its front door. Referring back to the Muslim tenet of not showing price, you never know how elaborate an interior is going to be until you step through the front door.

This is looking down over Djeema el-Fna, the main square here in Marrakech. It is a circus down there, full of acts, men wanting money and people galore.

The intricate carving is done in gypsum and combined with the tile work, it is incredibly mesmerizing.

50 cents (4 dirham) for a fresh squeezed glass of oj or my new favorite French word, pamplemousse juice. (Grapefruit!)

The Muslim call to prayer is heard 5 times/day from the many mosques.

Djeema el-Fna

Hotel du Tresor

The streets of Marrakech within the medina are tricky. There are no cars, but many bikes, people and mopeds.

More architectural details form Bahia Palace…


Hotel du Tresor

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    Cool photos! What an exotic place! So envious of your adventure!

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