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Marrakech Part 2

There are lots more photos to come. Since taking these, I’ve been in an instant film (Polaroid/Fuji/The Impossible Project) film photography retreat and have met some amazing women photographers. I can’t wait to share more as I get home, mentally process everything and have a good internet connection. Hopefully these tide you over for now!

Details at the Ben Youssef Medersa, a school built in the 14th century for boys to study the Quran.

Typical life in Marrakech.

A break from Moroccan mint tea to have a cafe au lait. Mmm.

It is really hard not to buy a ton of rugs to bring home.

More from Ben Youssef Medersa

I hopped a taxi over to Jardin Majorelle. This was Yves Saint Laurent’s gift to Marrakech,not just a bouquet, but an entire garden. Actually, it’s a succulent garden with this incredible “Yves blue” house. (Though “Yves blue” is named after the artist Yves Klein’s paint color of choice.)

I may have brought one of Seamus’ toy cars with me. What’s this Caddilac doing here Seamus?!

The gallery at Jardin Majorelle


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