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Toddler.365 : Day 3

3 days in and there’s already a conundrum. I have two different photos that I’d like to post and both are equally valid. It’s just that one of them paints me in the “good mom” light and the other paints me in the “bad mom ” light. Of course everything in moderation…

I’m going to go ahead and post both. Why not. They are both a part of almost every day…

The iPad. It’s all fun and games until he finds either You Tube or the Angry Birds app. Neither are suitable for a 2 year old.

What makes this photo worse is the context behind it. Seamus was happily playing with his Thomas the Train set on the floor until he saw Bryan and I both sitting on the couch surfing our phones. Being the young impressionable boy that he is, Seamus got the iPad and sat in between us to join in. (whoops.)

Good mommy redeems herself and makes sure there is lots of quality book time. Richard Scarry’s illustrated books on transportation are just as entertaining for us as they are for him.

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