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Charleston, South Carolina

Toddler365: Day 22

Sometimes, I envy your ability to wear your emotions on your sleeve.

I miss the honesty of childhood. I wish that we adults could be as upfront and honest sometimes instead of hiding behind our egos. Of course, I find that it is so much easier to give someone else advice than it is to give it to myself.

Therefore, I should alert you to the fact that not everyone will like you in life. No matter what you do or how true to yourself you may be or even whether or not you feel you have given 110% of yourself to something, there will always be someone unsatisfied with you.

There are many different ways you can respond to this and what you choose will undoubtedly be a combination of a range of emotions. Over time your view on it will change, but here is my advice.

Take into account what is said about you. Analyze it, review it, see is there is any truth in it. There probably is and if so, learn from that. You deserve a moment to mourn your mistake and try to make amends. Then, get up. Do not let one critic’s opinion tear down years of hard work. Life is a long haul and you can not let one bad opinion outweigh the good ones and take you off your course. The important thing is to get up and go on.

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