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Charleston, South Carolina

Toddler365: Day 31

I know I post a lot of photos of you with a camera, but it is a constant theme in our house.

I am sitting in the airport, waiting to board a series of planes that will take me to Morocco. My bag is packed full of cameras and film, lenses and a laptop. I am on a photographic adventure without you and it feels a little odd. It’s been three years since I have last flown and that was when I was pregnant with you. You went with me (in utero) to Australia and I made the announcement of my pregnancy to “the world” from New Zealand. That was something!

I have no grand announcements from this trip other than the fact that I am going to miss you like crazy. We will get to use Facetime for the first time and I hope that makes the world a little smaller for us. I’ve brought along a few of your toys with me (hope you don’t miss your toy Cadillac too much!) and I’m going to take them on their own little adventure for you.

Next time, you and your Fisher-Price camera are coming too!


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