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Toddler365: Day 33

Hey baby… It’s day 2 in Marrakech and my first day of having to get creative with a photo to post to Toddler365. It’s true that I look at every kid that goes by… Moroccan or European. I look at them all, look at how they are carried and what they wear. I especially look out for the ones that might be your age.

I had a rough entry into Morocco and I quickly realized that I am definitely out of the traveling mindset. There was suppose to be someone from the hotel to meet me at the airport when I arrived. I was so looking forward to that wise bit of pre-planning.

Alas, he was not there. I was at the end of my rope after 24 hours of traveling, but I sucked it up and forged on. Learning to use the payphone seemed more adventurous that I was willing to pursue at the time and I was told that the taxi was fixed price, so I decided to do that over the bus. (I was definitely not taking a bus!)

I was the perfect definition of a sucker and got conned into a $45/10 min. taxi ride that didn’t even take me all the way to my hotel. Hotel du Tresor is in a pedestrian/moped area and I had to walk the rest of the way.

Here I was, fresh off the plane, pulling two bags and entereing a medieval labyrinth with no idea of where to go. On top of all that, I could hear all the cat calls and touts all around me calling me this way and that. I was easy prey and in a predicament of wanting help, in order to avoid being consumed.

A young shop keeper hooked me and promised to lead me to my hotel. I was scared. I had no idea whether to trust him or not. Was I being led to my fate?

Thankfully, we arrived at my hotel even though I know now that I was given the scenic route. I gave him $5 and he demanded more. But to be honest, I was out of cash and a foot away from slipping into the hotel and away from it all. I considered the fact that I might not leave the hotel the entire time I was there.

As soon as I was all checked in, showered and as decompressed, I sent your dad a text. I needed a pep talk, a boost, something. The text he sent back has become my mantra… “What would Dora do?” (If you do not know to whom I refer, read this post)

I immediately thought, well, she’d sing a song. But that’s not going to help me. And, she’d have her monkey buddy ,“Boots” with her. I carelessly left my buddy, Bryan at home. Crap. But the question stuck with me as I donned my armour (a scowl) and headed out into the chaos.

It’s taken some gettitng used to, but today was a much better day. I have toughened up a lot in the past 24 hours. I toured a few museums this morning and took a lot of photos. And just as my mood peaked, guess who I ran into?

Our buddy, Dora.

(I’m so glad I found her!)

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  2. Stephen says:

    Unbelievable. Glad to hear you’re doing better but sorry that you had to go through it. Hang in there, tell Dora that Ella and Harper say hi.

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