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Charleston, South Carolina

Toddler365: Day 66

Dear Seamus,

I am sure I am turning into one of those moms who has too much time on her hands. But these hairdressers don’t understand how important it is that you have a cute haircut. We got to a barber shop where you come in, write your name down and then wait to see who’s going to call your name. It’s not flying well with me. Not only are you totally unpredictable (and thus I come with a fully charge iPhone with your favorite apps and special snacks) but it is also left to the fates on whether we get the gal who likes kids or the one who doesn’t. Ugh! (On a separate and selfish note, this particular barber shop has awesome morning light. We may be the only people who would go there for that reason alone.)

I am dying to take you to my man James at Salon Couture, but you might start getting too big for your britches and start asking for highlights or something. I don’t know though… one more bad haircut and I’m giving him a call.


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