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Charleston, South Carolina

Travel Photos in Outside Magazine!

As I was preparing for my trip to Morocco back in January, I was feeling a little guilty. Here I was, leaving Bryan and Seamus behind and spending money that surely should be going to some college fund, just so I could get out of my day-to-day routine and get reinspired.

That is, until I got a call from Outside Magazine. You see, they’d seen some photos that I’d posted here on my blog a couple of years back from a trip I made to Luang Prabang, Laos. (You may see them here and here) They wanted to use one of them to accompany an article in the April issue, which featured a story on Luang Prabang. YES! I will not lie, it is a dream to have my travel images published.

I bought the magazine as soon as it hit the newstands and about fell over with excitement. Not only was one of my photos in there, but it was used to accompany an article written by one of my favorite authors, Elizabeth Gilbert, of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame.

Thank you, Outside Magazine, for reminding me to go ahead and take the trip. You never know what may follow.


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